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Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore

Comfort Stay pioneers in ladies hostel in Coimbatore. We are a refined Ladies hostel is located near hope college Coimbatore. Our main focus is to provide you an efficient and a worthwhile stay. Welcome to Comfort Stay, a Ladies hostel in Coimbatore, particularly for students and Working women. We have planned our PG according to your specifications. Given the growing need for girls and Working women's hostel Coimbatore, we have built a home away from home. Our Ladies hostel near Hope college Coimbatore in the middle of town, just a few kilometres away from all the important locations & congresses. It's not about a place to stay; we feel it's about having fun and meeting new people. That is why we aspire to give you the best atmosphere in which to succeed.

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Womens Hostel in coimbatore

Why Choose womens Hostel in coimbatore?

Nowadays, traveling to distant cities to work is one of the most difficult tasks for rural working women. One of the biggest problems they face is safe accommodation.We provide the most secure shelter for working women’s at Comfortstay womens hostel in coimbatore.This womens hostel is very clean and well kept. It is primarily for working womens.our elegantly built rooms and decorated houses are available for two persons, three persons in rooms, or four persons in the home, with a spacious living and dining space. A personal support standard covers all you won't find anywhere else. If you stay at Comfort Stay Girls Hostel Coimbatore, we are sure you will have a comfortable, fun stay. Above all, we will surprise you with the most excellent value we bring.

Girls Hostel in Coimbatore

Comfort Stay, Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore. Book now for single or sharing basis rooms. Now it's easy to find a Girls hostel in Coimbatore for school and college girls. A comfortstay girls hostel is a better place which provides safe accommodation with economical fees. You can stay healthy there and also can maintain your physic well. Hostel life teaches you a lot of life lessons like teamwork, discipline, and unity also with responsibility. our girls hostel in coimbatore provide Freedom and individuality will increase your responsibility.

Hostel in Coimbatore

We started the Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore before a few years as a homestay near hopes college, Singanallur Road, Opposite Manis Theatre. We provide all facilities such as separate beds, cupboards, and lockers for every room in our hostel. We supply filtered drinking water, regular housekeeping, 24/7 power backup, free Wifi, attached bathroom, and toilet with steady water supply, and each room has a separate Tv with cable connection, Laundry service. Comfort Stay Women's hostel in Coimbatore, also available with 24/7 CCTV Surveillance, Two-wheelers and a four-wheeler parking facility. We provide pickup and drop facilities where you can safely reach our house from college or office. Our Comfort Stay Ladies hostel near hope college Coimbatore is one of the Best ladies' hostels in Coimbatore.

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We are Unique

Working women’s hostel Coimbatore, Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore

Separate Cupboard, Dressing & Locker Facilities

Have your own private space

Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore, Girls hostel in Coimbatore

Supply of Filtered Drinking Water

Purified RO water

Womens hostel in Coimbatore, Hostels in Coimbatore

Separate beds & Spacious quarters

Cozy and ventilated

Hostels in Coimbatore, Working women’s hostel Coimbatore

Power Backup

24/7 electricity

Working women’s hostel Coimbatore, Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore

Regular Housekeeping

Maintaining outstanding cleanliness

Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore, Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore

Each room has a Led TV with cable access

Have fun with your own entertainment center

Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore, Best Girls hostel in Coimbatore

CCTV Surveillance 24-hour security

As safe as home

Best ladies hostel in Coimbatore, Best Girls hostel in Coimbatore

Attached bathroom and toilet with water supply.

Clean, Comfortable restrooms with 24/7 water supply

Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore | Hostel for girls Coimbatore

Wifi Facilities

High speed WiFi in the entire premises

Ladies hostel in Coimbatore |  Girls hostel in Coimbatore

Laundry Services

We take your load off you

Working women’s hostel Coimbatore, Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore

Parking Facilities

Two-Wheeler & Four-Wheeler Parking

Hostels in Coimbatore | Ladies hostel near hopes college Coimbatore

Pick up & drop

We ensure that you reach our house safely from college/office.

Who We Are


Our vision is to actively extend our network to new locations to provide you with the true hostel experience.


Our mission is to provide Students and Working Women with the ability to be accommodated in a clean, secure and healthy environment.


We promise you to keep you safe and give you a home-like living experience.


Our goal is to create a well owned, inexpensive and central hostel.

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“Women’s Safety is our prime motto”